QUASAR Production

A total of 22 of the original Reliant-engined Quasars have been built. The total number of authentic Quasars that could be built is limited by the number of wheels, (50), and final drive housings that were cast, and that all the frames known to exist have now been used.

Wilson & Sons Ltd, Bristol

Registration Number Date Registered Colour Scheme Current Location Owner
VUK 908S * Black Toulouse, France Mike Schwartz
RWS 881S 10/03/78 Red London Gavin Newell
RWS 882S 07/04/78 Blue & White Bath Mike Reed
RWS 883S 24/07/78 Cream & Blue East Anglia Roger W
TWS 631T (LEN 850P) 06/09/78 White & Blue Bristol Len Purnell
TWS 632T 06/09/78 Beige & Brown Bristol Alan Wilson
TWS 633T   Metallic Blue Harlow Kevin P.

Romarsh Special Products Ltd.

Registration Number Date Registered Colour Scheme Current Location Owner
TVV 400W 09/09/80 White UK Andrew S.
FHR 941W  05/09/80 Red  Holland Govert G.
FHR 942W 17/10/80 Yellow London Shawn G.
GAM 900W 25/11/80 Metallic Black Isle of Man Unknown (previously Paul Blezard)
GAM 901W 25/03/81 Silver, Red & Black East Sussex Simon Frankau
TWL 936X * 01/11/81 White & Red UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
LMW 660X 14/12/81 Metallic Green Peterborough Stephen M
NCF 951X   1982 Black & Grey Reading Richard D.
RMW 410Y 11/11/82 Red & White Lancing John F 
SAM 318Y   01/12/82 Metallic Purple Jersey  Malcolm G 

 Post-Production Builds

Unregistered Silver & Red Birmingham National Motorcycle Museum
Unregistered Yellow Glasgow Andrew S.

Unregistered built from parts by Malcolm Newell, owned by Dave T.

Q434 AFG built from parts by Malcolm Newell, and sold to Mark Crowson in 1985.

Q301 RAE * supplied as a kit of parts by Malcolm Newell to Mark Verden. Subsequently bought by Ed.Kaczmarczyk.

Q377 AUF built from parts by John Malfoy, sold to Mark Crowson. This Quasar has been converted to MotoGuzzi 5-speed sequential gearbox and transmission.

I'm keen to contact the current owners of any of the Quasars listed above with an *. Can you help ?

Details of any of Malcolm's Japanese-engined 'Mk II' Quasars or Phasars would also be appreciated. The only Mk II Quasars firmly located to date are :-

The Z13, Featured in Bike Magazine and now residing in Cambridgeshire.

The VF750 Quasar - Put back on the road in 2002 by John Bruce for Gavin Newell. By 2011 it was unused and in need of a total overhaul so it has now been swapped for fully restored Quasar 002. New owner John Cooper has started bringing it back to life, getting the engine running with help from Pete Munden.

A GS1000 Shaft drive Quasar owned by Andy in Glasgow.

A GS1000 Quasar owned by Malcolm's long-term collaborator John 'The Bus' Cunningham.

A GS1000 Quasar subsequently converted to Phasar spec using the same body style as the Cibie Z1300 phasar, originally commissioned by Vernon H. and now residing in East Sussex.  

Other Malcolm Newell Creations :-

These and many of Malcolm's other creations are listed here.



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