FHR 942W

Photo Courtesy of Pete Lawrence

Current Owner : Shawn Grinter, Purchased from Alan Morgans on May 5th 1991.

Featured in a MCN 'Road & Leisure' supplement 27/10/93

Now coloured bright yellow, this Quasar spent some years at Hamrax undergoing an extended re-build.  Hamrax finally 'threw in the towel' on the job in February 2001 and a new company 'Sussex KitCars' completed the rebuild and got the Quasar back on the road again.  

Shawn, looking anxious, Hamrax guys looking relieved !

Shawn with his Quasar at 2010 meeting. One of the best kept Quasars.



Chassis number 150980 : Engine number 85/6023

Originally Blue. Registered 7th October 1980 and purchased in that month by Dale Corbett.

Subsequent Owners Brian Stanton, Ian Turnbull, Kidge Elder, Neil Vass and Alan Morgans (21/01/90).

While owned by Neil Vass this Quasar received considerable media coverage due to its frequent use by Paul Blezard, (who crash tested it extensively). 

It was re-built by Malcolm Newell following a particularly unpleasant collision with an up-turned Renault 5 in the fast lane of a French Autoroute at night while en route to the Bol D'Or in 1984. During the re-build it was  fitted with a mechanically-operated reverse gear system and a seat belt.

It was subsequently kept and maintained by Pete Lawrence who also rode it to the Bol dOr at least once, and went on to construct his own Talbot-engined Delta FF which appeared in public for the first time at the filming of the 'Top Gear' FF feature in 1988.