FHR 941W

Romarsh Demonstrator, originally built and painted in police colours for the Earls Court show in August 1980. It was registered on 5th September 1980.


Subsequently became the property of John Malfoy in 1982 when Romarsh went into receivership and re-painted Orange.


It was later sold to David Livesey of Darwen, Blackburn in 1991. 

In 2003 Govert spotted the Quasar in a government salvage yard in Holland.  It's wasn't in running order,  but has some interesting modifications. (Including a hydraulic outrigger system).

Govert negotiated the purchase of the Quasar and has worked hard to get it fixed up and registered for road use, finally getting it approved by the Dutch licensing authorities at the end of 2005.



Last updated 22nd January 2006