Q803 JOD - GS1000 Quasar Mark II

This Quasar was constructed by Malcolm Newell in his Field Cottage workshop for Alan Eaves.

It features a GS1000 shaft-drive engine and Tait hub-centre steering

GS1000 Quasar at the Newell memorial run in 2000.

After the above photos were taken, Alan created a new one-off bodyshell from scratch that's both wider and higher than the original, (as shown below).  

This gives significantly more headroom and moves the windscreen pillars further apart for better vision.

Contast the width of the new body to the standard quasars on the right.


Journalist Paul Blezard tries the increased headroom, while owner Alan, Gavin Newell and Ogri look on.


The Quasar was sold in 2005 to Andy in Glasgow.

Last updated 23rd August '06