Diverse Malcolm Newell Creations :-

The Z13 Quasar  Featured in Bike Magazine and now residing in Cambridgeshire.

The VF750 Quasar - Now owned by Malcolm's son Gavin, put back on the road in 2002 by John Bruce.

A GS1000 Shaft drive Quasar owned by Andy in Glasgow.

A GS1000 Quasar owned by Malcolm's long-term collaborator John 'The Bus' Cunningham.

A GS1000 Quasar subsequently converted to Phasar spec using the same body style as the Cibie Z1300 phasar, originally commissioned by Vernon H. and now residing in East Sussex.  

Yet another Suzuki-engined MkII, owned by the Newell family. 

Some photos of Suzuki-engined MkII Quasars under construction in Malcolms workshop are here.

Z1300 Phasars  Kymera and SEV 

'Sports Quasar' Prototype

GPZ1100 rear-engined Slug 'Sports Quasar' owned by Tudor.

Rear-Engined Z1300 Sports Quasar

Moto-Guzzi Phasars

Twin-Head Steer Phasars  

Honda VT500 Phasar (BFF Club Web Page)

Gold Wing Phasars  (BFF Club Web Page)

TTW -Tilting Three-Wheeler

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