No. 001 - VUK 908S

Toulouse 7/82.  Photo courtesy of Danny Chabaud

The first Quasar was bought in December '76 by Mike Schwartz, an E-Type enthusiast and British Aerospace employee working on Concorde in Toulouse in Southern France.  He went on to start up his own company doing technical translation work for the Concorde project. 

Although Mike had grown up and gone to school in Bristol, he was affectionately known as 'Frenchie' by everyone on the Quasar project at Wilsons.

The Quasar was shipped to France and was used regularly for the trip from Toulouse to Paris.

Toulouse 7/82.  Photo courtesy of Danny Chabaud

When seeking to transport the Quasar across the channel, Mike arrived at the ferry company announcing that he had something rather unusual to ship. They were un-impressed - on the same boat they had a bus with a large hole in the roof.  It was being used to transport a live giraffe !

Latest news from France is that Mike may have left the country, leaving the semi-derelict Quasar in a local barn.  On the sale of the farm, the Quasar is believed to have became the property of the new farm owner.



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