Quasar-related Articles Wanted

I have compiled a pretty extensive list of Quasar, FF and HCS Articles. If you know of any others that should be included, let me know.

Quasar/FF Magazines Wanted - I'm keen to get my hands on any of the following magazines. If you have a copy that you don't want to part with, a good photo-copy would do, otherwise maybe I could swap it for something else you don't have, (or of course I could always buy it if it's a spare copy) :-


Big Bike - July '77

Bike - February '90

BMF Rider Magazine No 27, Nov '76

British Bike Mechanics, March '88 & June '88

Custom Bike - August '94.

Insight Magazine - Parts 4 & 58

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - March'90, Nov. '90, June '91, Aug '91, Sept'92, Sept '94, 

Motorcycle News 18/1/89 & 27/10/93

Motorcycle Weekly 7/6/81 & 13/2/82

Motorcyclist Jan '87 & June '87

Superbike - May '77, Oct '77, Dec '80, July '81, Nov.'82, April '84

The Biker - June '81

Used & Classic Bike Guide No 3, Dec '88

Which Bike - Nos 23 & 60

Young Engineers book of Superbikes


Club International - Vol 7, Nos 7 & 10.

Look & Learn - Dec '75

Penthouse - Vol 12 No 4

Popular Science - Nov '76

SHE April '77

Titbits - Nov 9-15th '78

I'm hoarding all the FF construction type articles that I can lay my hands on. If anyone else is looking for anything specific or if you have spare copies of anything Quasar or FF related, send me an E-mail and I'll publicise it on this site.

If anyone has any original advertising material, any TV or video footage of Quasars, Can I have a copy ? I remember seeing a couple of Quasars on 'Tomorrows World', sweeping though a rugged Highlands landscape, does anyone have this on video tape ? Please, please, please can I have a copy or the loan of the original so I can digitise it ?


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