QUASAR Road Tests & Articles

(Chronological Order)

Bike, June '77, Quasar Road Test by Royce Creasey

Superbike, June '77, Prototype Quasar Road Test by Mike Scott

New Motorcycle Monthly Feb.'77 Quasar Road Test

Motor Cycle Mechanics, Sept '77, Quasar Road Test

Bike, August '78, Quasar at the IOM, Royce Creasey

Motorcycle Weekly, 17/3/79, Quasar Road Test

auto kampion, 25-31st May 79.  No. 21.  2-page spread. (Dutch)

Moto Journal no. 422, 26/7/79, Quasar Road Test - (in French)

Moto Revue no. 2426, 6/9/79, Quasar Road Test - (in French)

Superbike, Oct.79, Lands End to John O'Groats by Quasar

Motorcycle Sport, May'81, Full Page Colour Quasar Ad.

Motorcycle Weekly,13/2/82, Romarsh Quasar Road Test

Bike, Nov '84, Z1300 Quasar Road test by Brecon Quaddy

Motorcycle Sport, Jan.'85, Crashing a Quasar, by Paul Blezard

Superbike, March '86, Reprint of Oct'79 'End to End' with different photos

Superbike, Nov.'86, VF750 Quasar & VT500 FF Road tested.

Used & Classic Bike Guide no.3, Dec.'88/Jan.'89 Quasar History by John Malfoy

Motor Cycle News 18/01/89 Phil Read collects his MBE in a Quasar.

Motorcycle Sport, Jan'90, FF's on Top Gear

The Classic Bike Guide, June '91 - Tony Oliver shows off his Quasar.

Motorcycle Sport, Aug.'94, Tribute to Malcolm Newell, Part 1, by Paul Blezard.

Motorcycle Sport, Sept.'94, Tribute to Malcolm Newell, Part 2, by Paul Blezard.

Motorcycle Sport, Oct.'94, Tribute to Malcolm Newell, Part 3, by Paul Blezard.

Classic Bike July 2000 - Ten-page article on the history of the Quasar

Which Kit July 2002 - Feature on Sussex Kitcars - Specialists car builders and for Quasar building, servicing & upgrades.

Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics - 'The Quirky Quasar'. Road test of RWS 881S by Roland Brown.

Misc. FF Articles


6/77 Tomorrow's Motorcycle Quasar Road Test Royce Creasey
8/78 Two Wheels and a Roof Quasar on the IOM Royce Creasey
8/79 High Tech FF design #1 - Introduction Royce Creasey
9/79 High Tech FF design #2 - Concept Royce Creasey
10/79 High Tech FF design #3 - Riding position Royce Creasey
11/79 High Tech FF design #4 - Steering system Royce Creasey
12/79 High Tech FF design #5 - Rear suspension Royce Creasey
1/80 High Tech FF design #6 - Chassis Royce Creasey
2/80 High Tech FF design #7 - Power train Royce Creasey
3/80 High Tech FF design #8 - Bodywork + artist impression Royce Creasey
4/80 High Tech FF design #9 - Gearbox Royce Creasey
5/81 Radical Bikes Rule Difazio/Creasey CX 500 (Flying Banana) John Smith
9/81 Some People 'Into the mire - feet first' Difazio/Creasey CX 500 on the island (Cartoons by Hunt Emerson) Royce Creasey
11/84 Best Foot Forward Z1300 Quasar Brecon Quaddy
12/89 FF - Fantastic Voyager Voyager launch and road test Tim Tompson
2/90 Skinnin' the cat 'BMW K1 v Voyager' Voyager + BMW weekend journey / comparison test Phil West
2/2003 Faster than a CBR600 (on 30 BHP less) Road test of the Gurney Alligator Hugo Wilson

Bike Feb 2003 - Road test of the Gurney Alligator



6/77 Is it a Bird ? Quasar Prototype test Mike Scott
10/79 Quasar Jaunt End to End by Quasar Mike Scott
10/81 Kymera 'The Z1300 grows down' Newell's first(?) Z1300 FF road test and technical details Mike Scott
11/82 Alternative systems Pics and details of 'Different ways of building motorcycles'  
1/84 Futurerap 'Beyond 1984' John Reed's wild prototype rear-engined FF Mike Scott
4/84 Reedbike Designs Results from a design compatition for Futurebike Tony Middlehurst
3/86 Archive '79 'Journey of the Quasar' Reprint of  Lands end to John 'O Groats trip by Quasar Mike Scott
8/86 Finals Conflict 'The future by degrees' College design studies. Tony Foale
9/86 Best Feet Forward 'An Unbiased view of FF Motorcycles A motorcycle designer/engineer view of FF design and use Tony Foale
11/86 Middleweight Spread Comparison test including VT500 Phasar ( subs about VF750 Quasar & Phasars) Paul Blezard
12/86 The absolute Bol larks Journey to the Bol D'Or by THS LC350 Paul Blezard


Classic Mechanics

No.4-Summer '84

This is not a Velocette Venom FF + Selecting a strut Royce

No.8-Summer '85

Who is responsible for all this? BSA FF + Suspension Systems Pt II Royce

No.9- Autumn '85

Royce Rolls High Techati rolls + Suspension Systems Pt III Blez/Royce


Making a Special + Creasey! Philosophy behind creating a special -1 Royce

No.11-Feb/March '86

Building a Special + Creasey!

Mr Lawsons FF

Philosophy behind creating a special -2

1948 FF-Reprint from The Motor Cycle 4/11/1948


No.12-April/May '86


Making a Special

FF Gathering in Bristol

Philosophy behind creating a special -3


No.19-June/July '87

Obtaining Castings Creating the casting for the Voyager engine/gearbox adapter plate (P54) Royce


British Bike Mechanics

3/88 Looking Askance Four wheeled motorbikes? Royce Creasey
5/88 Looking Askance FF Transit? Royce Creasey
6/88 Looking Askance Electric vehicles Royce Creasey
7/88 Looking Askance Sorting the Voyager Royce Creasey
8/88 Looking Askance The British M/C industry deserved to die ! Royce Creasey


Motorcycle Sport / MCS&L

5/81 Advertisement Full-page colour Quasar advert   
2/83 The Small Crusaders Jack Difazio's CX500 'Banana' Dave Miniton
3/83 Hunting Dogmas Comparison test of CX500 Turbo + Difazio/Creasey CX 500 Dave Miniton
8/84 The Flying Banana Ffing to the Bol Paul Blezard
1/85 FFazed by the Bol Quasar Crashing trip Paul Blezard
5/85 F-F-Flashback Life with the Flying Banana  + Foale QL Paul Blezard
7/85 Le Mans - By FF Journey to the Le Mans race + FF details Paul Blezard
11/85 Ffing at Bristol Ffers gathering Paul Blezard
11/85 FF revolution will never come The FF Argument (anti) Brian Thompson
12/85 Editorial - The FF Argument The FF Argument (pro) Ian Kew
1/86 High Techati Royce Creasey's Ducati FF Paul Blezard
2/86 Bol Folies FF outing to Paul Ricard Paul Blezard
2/86 Unbeliver tries an FF Did he change his mind (No!) Brian Thompson
3/86 Putting Brian straight FF history + terminology Ian Kew
10/86 FFame at last FF's on the news Paul Blezard
12/86 FF TT Ffing on the island Paul Blezard
2/87 Steaming Mango Tales of the Gold Wing Phasar Andy Tribble
5/87 Banana Republic What ever happened to the Flying Banana? Paul Blezard
6/87 Newell's SEV Z1300 Phasar + Chris Baker (also cover photograph) Royce Creasey
11/87 FFs at the BCBS and BMFR FF events + a spin in the Wing Phasar Paul Blezard
12/87 The German FF BMW design study Paul Blezard
1/88 Down under FF Building a CX500 FF in New Zeland Colin McDowell
11/89 Swiss Missile Oekomobil Paul Blezard
1/90 FFs on Top Gear FF gathering for the cameras Paul Blezard
2/90 Ultimate FF Prototype Voyager test Paul Blezard
2/90 Voyager for sale Production Voyager test PUB
3/90 Ffing in Boronia Heights Australian FF Ken Butler
5/90 Forward thinking from Honda The CN250 Roger Bean
11/90 Voyager GT Trying the Voyager Roger Woods
6/91 The Future Motorcycle The Philippe Le Roux Speech Paul Blezard
8/91 The Japanese FF CN 250 + other FF info Paul Blezard
8/94 Father of the Quasar Tribute to Malcolm Newell I Paul Blezard
9/94 Feet First street Racer Tribute to Malcolm Newell II Paul Blezard
10/94  Derring-do on Quasars and Phasars Tribute to Malcolm Newell III Paul Blezard
1/95 Whatever Happened Review on Royce Creaseys Book Paul Blezard
8/95 003 Reborn Voyager developments…. Royce Creasey
1/97 RBR by FF OK ? Graham Robb takes part in the 'Round Britain Rally'  
1/97 Feet-First Round-up Featuring Steve Hariss's 'Rotoraser' Blez
5/97 Feet-First Round-up Nice Sketch of an enclosed FF by John Keogh Blez
9/97 The Virtual Motorcycle Factor Could a group design & build a batch of new FFs Nick Tucker, Dave Turner
11/97 Long Term Test Voyager Graham Robb



On Your Bike, Part 21, Profile of the Difazio/Creasey CX500 FF

Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics no. 11, Feb/March '86, Feet Forward Motorcycles

The Biker No.5, Oct '80, William Towns's 'Lagonda' FF

The Biker May '82 'Feet First into the Future' Z1300 Phasar test

Motorcycle Review, Jan/Feb '90, Voyager at the NEC + Honda concept bikes


Hub-centre Steering Systems


Motorcycle Sport, Nov.'71, 5-page article on HCS, concentrating on Difazio

Motorcycle Mechanics April '72, Double page spread on the Difazio system

Motorcycle Sport, Feb '83, The small Crusaders, 5-page interview with Jack, up to the CX500

Motorcycle Sport, Sept '92, Tomkinson & Mead Nessie, HCS Racer.



Motorcycle Sport, Dec.'83, Seven-page History of ELFs development

Performance Bikes, May '89, Hub of the Universe, ELF 5 & the alternatives



Motorcyclist, July '87, Road test of the RADD MC2 By James Parker, designer of the GTS1000 HCS

MotorCycle International, Oct.'87, Another RADD MC2 Road test.

Motorcycle International, June '93, Profile on James Parker


Tony Foale

Superbike, May '85, Review of alternative frontends

Superbike, July '85, Principles of anti-dive

Superbike, October '85, Steering Geometry

Superbike, December '85, Balance and Steering

Superbike, March '86, 'Liquid Engineering', Tony looks at Hydraulic Drives & steering.

Superbike, April '86, 2WS & 2WD

Superbike, May '86, 'Revolution Now !' Design plan for the Quantum 2

Superbike, June '86, Active suspension etc.

Superbike, Aug. '86, Quantum 2 body designs + GPz Quantum on the road + Tyres

Superbike, Sept. '86, Tony Foale examines the FF concept

Superbike, Dec. '86, M/C Aerodynamics

Superbike, March '87, 'Revolution Now-ish!' Quantum 2 takes shape.

Superbike, April '87, Suspension

Superbike, Aug.'87, 'Deliverence', Quantum 2 complete ?

Superbike, Sept.'87 Project Q2. Riding the Quantum 2.

Performance Bikes, May '86, 'Quantum Leaps', Milan and back by QL

Performance Bikes, Feb.'88, GSX1100-based Foale Q2

Motorcycle & Workshop, March/April '88, Foale QL Ducati


Superbike, April '88, 'Karl's Marque', Karl Gibson's home made HCS GPz 750.

Motorcycle International, June '93, 'End to End', Yamaha GTS1000 vs Bimota Tesi

Motorcycle International, Oct.'95, Adrian Mortons HCS 'Future Bike'