The Quasar Project

What is 'The Quasar Project' ?

The main purpose of this project is to provide a central point of contact for Quasar owners, which can offer technical support and access to Quasar-related information and resources. I also aim to stimulate as much interest as possible in Quasars and this type of FF's generally.

There are only 22 Quasars in the world, their owners have little or no contact with each other, and they no longer have access to factory technical support. As a consequence, few of their bikes ever see the light of day, most of them seem to be sitting in garages waiting for something or other to get fixed.

The main limitation of the beast is, of course, the power to weight ratio arising from the 40bhp/710lb package. Although this doesn't impair the Quasar's ability to run down the road at high speed and provide an exciting time round the bends, it can prove limiting when brisk overtaking is required. The good news is that both sides of the equation can be improved, although it's easier to boost power than it is to cut weight. This is a bit of a shame because one of my other bug-bears is how heavy and cumbersome the bike is to handle at the kerb side, perhaps a reverse gear would help ? I'm particularly struck by how hard it is to turn the front wheel at a stand-still which, I'd guess, is down to the geometry of the front forks.

Other areas where there is obvious scope for improvement are the gear-change, the lights, pillion-carrying capacity, etc etc

I appreciate that some owners may want to keep their bikes absolutely authentic, but I'm hoping that many would be interested in helping to develop an improved 'Quasar for the Twenty-First Century'.

For details see 'Building a Better Quasar'

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