Twin-Head Steer Phasars

The twin-head steer system that Malcolm devised was an attempt to modify the standard telescopic fork arrangement in order to gain some of the benefits achieved by hub-centre steering systems without their attendant high cost of manufacture.

The standard steering head was removed from the frame and replaced with a pair of pivots, a hinged one in the normal steering-head position, and a second one at wheel-spindle height on the front of the frame.  A cross piece pivoted on the lower pivot, and from the ends of this transverse member a pair of links ran forward to be attached close to the ends of the front wheel spindle.

This arrangement reduced dive under braking and the associated changes in steering geometry and several examples were sold, mostly using Yamaha LC250 & LC350 two-strokes as donors.


A couple of Malcolm's twin-head steer Phasars are shown on the BFF web site at :-