Moto-Guzzi based Phasars

Several of these Phasars were built around Moto Guzzi engine and drive trains and fitted with Hub-Centre steering.

This is the 'Convert', ie automatic gearbox version.

This abbreviated sequence from Peter Billington's web site shows the 'kit' for a V50-based Phasar. 

The full set can be seen there, along with some maintenance information for early Tait hubs.

Malcolm planned to do a complete conversion like this over a week-end.

Some further information on the V50 Phasar shown above is available on the BFF web site at


The first V50-based HCS machine was built for John Golden in 1982 as a Quasar, however this was cosmetically and ergonomically unsuccessful and it's second owner Eddie McDonnell converted to a Phasar-like open-top layout in the early 90's





Last updated 10th Oct. 2004