FF Web Pages

Royce Creasey continues to demonstrate an un-parallelled grasp of FF design and construction and has had considerable experience with Quasars in the past. He is willing to offer his services to undertake any work on Reliant engines based on his experiences from the Voyager project.



Julian Bond operates the definitive FF web site, providing extensive background material with plentiful photos of the various FF bikes produced to-date, along with details of current production models and suggestions for the development of a new range of FF machines.

Julian's Site is at http://www.bikeweb.com  Details of the 'Best Feet Forwards' or BFF, are also included.

Andrew Gibbons is an ex-Quasar owner with a FF site at http://www.angib.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/FF/quasar0.html which has pictures of his bike, (LMW 660X), as well as some Quasar related info, (eg Romarsh specification), and info on FFs generally, Voyager, Ner-a-car Etc.

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