In-line four cylinder, four stroke. All alloy construction, 850 cc, water cooled. Overhead valves, removable wet liners, single SU carburettor. 6.25 in dia single plate dry clutch, diaphragm type, hydraulically operated. All internal lubrication system includes full flow filter and submerged eccentric rotor pump running at 45 lb/sq in. Pressurised, impeller assisted, cooling system runs at 7 lb/sq in. Engine produces 41 bhp at 5,500 rpm with 9:1 compression ratio.

All major engine components, head, crank assembly, liners, serviceable with engine in frame. Easily removable power train is retained by ten bolts. 4 gallon fuel tank with lockable filler. Stainless steel exhaust system.


All synchromesh four speed gearbox. Foot operated positive stop gearchange. Ratios: 1st 3.88, 2nd 2.05, 3rd 1.32, 4th 1.00 (direct). Variable length shaft drive, incorporating two universal joints to spiral bevel final drive unit. 3.5 final drive ratio.


Space frame in Reynolds 531 tubing, epoxy coated, incorporating roll and crash protection. Pivoted fork suspension front and rear on S&W air shock absorbers. Taper roller suspension bearings have provision for adjustment. Heat treated LM25 alloy wheels are self-cleaning design running 4.25 x 18 Avon Roadrunners. Twin 9.5 in dia cast iron discs at front, single disc at rear. AP double piston calipers all round, operated hydraulically, right foot pedal operates rear brake, right handlebar lever operates front brake.

Dry weight 310 kg. Weight distribution is 50/50, front/rear, 70% of all-up weight below steering head.

Hand operated telescopic side stands left and right side, spring retracted, with large feet suitable for soft ground.


Leather upholstery adjusts to suit all rider heights and lifts out to give access to transmission and fuel tank. Instruments include speedo, tacho, oil pressure, water temperature, battery condition, fuel gauge and clock. Instrument panel controls are choke pull and switches for lights on/off, ignition, ancillary lights, hazard flasher, and cigar lighter. Handlebar switch systems controls: headlights, flash/dip/main beam, hot air, to demist and the rider’s hands, windscreen wash/wipe, secondary engine start, indicators and horns. Warning lights are for main beam, indicators, ignition and neutral. Prop stands are extended by pull handles on either side of central console. Handlebar controls follow conventional motorcycle practice with a twistgrip throttle and left handlebar clutch lever.


12 volt negative earth system powered by 12 volt 43 amp alternator. Battery is 24 amp-hr car type lead acid, sealed for life. Ignition by coil and distributor. Wiring harness separates at multi-pin connectors for easy removal and servicing. Headlights are two 65 watt quartz halogen units incorporating side lights. Rear light has 225 sq in shatterproof GRP lens lit by three fluorescent tubes. Three inverters are used to power these tubes, arranged so that two lights are maintained with any single component failed. Either brake operates the four stoplights in the bottom of the rearlight lens.


All bodywork is GRP, panels are retained by easily unlocked fasteners. 66 litre lockable luggage compartment is incorporated in the tail. Laminated glass screen is retained by polished stainless steel strips. All brightwork is alloy or stainless steel. Bodywork can be cleaned with water and chamois, lacks spokes, cooling fins or crevices. Rear mudguard section is designed to minimise spray, keeping body cleaner longer. For accident repair or major servicing the body can be removed from the frame. Twin rear view mirrors are fitted.

Optional extras include panniers, spot/fog lights, tinted screen, electronic ignition.


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