World Championship Results - 2000

OK time, perhaps, for a little 'humble pie'. In this tournament we're competing against Eco's and only Eco's.  They weigh around 1000 lbs and have a BMW 'K' series flat four engine ranging from 1000cc & 90bhp to 1200cc Turbos turning out around 185bhp.  

In contrast, a standard Quasar weighs around 710 lbs and produces 40bhp.  My Quasar's maybe 30lbs lighter and makes around 50bhp, clearly still not enough !

The Quasar acquitted itself well in the handling stakes.  I drove it harder than ever before in my fifteen years of ownership and it remained totally stable and confidence inspiring. I was amazed how hard it was possible to chuck it thought the corners without any wobbles, weaving or slipping.  The main limitation to cornering speed was ground clearance, (due to the stands), and bottle, (due to me being a coward). On the exits, though, it was another story.  Every other bike on the track was driving hard out of the bends, leaving the Quasar to saunter off towards the next bend.

The lack of power was most evident on the final section of the track, which climbs 70m, (that's a 20 story building to you and me), to the start/finish line.  It starts with a tight bend and incorporates another 90 degree bend part way up.  This section was positively leisurely in the Quasar.  You could rev the nuts off it in second, shift into third and just wait for the world to go by.  The Quasar was clearly very much a victim of it's Reliant car gearbox with only four widely-spaced ratios.

2000 Results, (Lap Times in minutes)

Eco Mono, 1200 turbo, single seater, 185bhp 

Urs Wagner : 2:31

Felix Wagner : 2:40

Best 'Production' Eco

B. Gabriel 1200 turbo ? 2:37

'Standard' Eco ie 1000cc/90bhp

Various 2:50-3:01


Mark Crowson 3:15

For comparison, Fireblades were lapping at between 2:23 and 2:41 and R1's between 2:21 and 2:39.

Arnold Wagner, (Eco designer and manufacturer), suggested that my lap times were close to the limit of the technology of the Quasar.  We shall return in 2001 and see if we can prove him wrong !

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Last Updated 7th July 2001