Brno 2000 - World Cabin Motorcycle Driving Championships


The world Cabin Motorcycle driving championships, or 'World Cup' is a social event organised by the Ecomobile factory and takes place annually at the Masaryk GP circuit in the Czech Republic.

The event consists of three days practice on the circuit followed by the tournament on the final day.

The format is to drive around the circuit, free of other traffic, for four laps. The first is a warm up lap, then two timed laps followed by a slow-down lap back to the pits.

Results are based on the lap times for the two timed laps, although points can be deducted for erratic driving or over-running the track boundaries.

Although the event is primarily aimed at Eco owners and drivers, various classes take part, including sports bikes, cars and sidecars.

JAV have exclusive use of the track from 8am to 6pm for the four days of the event and provide local mechanics to undertake any running repairs that may be necessary during the week.

Briefings take place each morning at the track at 8am so there's no lie-ins for the participants.

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Last Updated 7th July 2001